2500 libraries - one library ticket


Norway has an abundance of libraries. To improve access to this extensive network we are now launching a single library ticket (LÅNEKORTET) for use in most libraries. LÅNEKORTET is available from all national libraries from autumn 2005.


The aim of LÅNEKORTET is for the holder to be able to borrow from most Norwegian libraries, though it will take time before the system covers the entire country. LÅNEKORTET is free.


LÅNEKORTET is the key to Norwegian libraries, and will provide library users with access to new and better services. One future possibility is that you will be able to order material from any library you wish and either have it sent direct in the post or collect it from the library you use the most.


Common library database with personal information


For LÅNEKORTET to work, personal details of borrowers will be registered in a common database. This database will contain:


The system will not contain information about library loans, reservations, blacklists and other relations between borrower and the individual library.


Handling of personal information


The project team behind LÅNEKORTET has emphasised the importance of complying with rules concerning the handling of personal information.



If you do not want other libraries to access your personal details


If you do not want a common library ticket, you may reserve against your personal details being stored in the central lending register. Simply tell the librarian that you only want a library ticket for use in your local library.


Initiative-takers behind LÅNEKORTET


The National Library of Norway and the 5 largest suppliers of IT systems to Norwegian libraries are behind the development of LÅNEKORTET. The project is supported and controlled by ABM-utvikling – the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority, and is part of the Norwegian Digital Library programme


Published October 2005